Brazilian Butt Augmentation in Orange County, CA QA

Brazilian butt Augmentation (BBA) is becoming one of the most popular surgeries in Orange County, CA and around the country. The procedure is performed to improve the size and shape of the buttocks. If you live in Irvine, Huntington Beach, Westminster, Garden Grove or Newport Beach and considering undergoing the surgery, you will need BBA to find a qualified surgeon with proven track records who can perform the BBA procedure, at Davinci Surgical, we recommend that every patient ask their surgeon some key questions during the initial consultation:

Question #1: For how long you’ve been performing Brazilian Butt Augmentation and similar procedures?

Experience matters, especially since Brazilian butt lift is still relatively new, the more experience, the better. It is not always about the number of procedures, sufficient experience doesn’t only mean that a surgeon knows how to perform the surgery, but also that he or she understands his or her patients’ needs. This depth of experience allows the surgeon to create results that are just as beautiful and customized as they are safe..

Question #2: Is Brazilian butt augmentation safe and what are the risks?

The BBA procedure is safe if performed by knowledgeable, skilled surgeon, but it’s still surgery—and like any other surgery, it has risks and potential complications. An experienced surgeon should be able to address the risks and talk to his patients about them openly. Always ask your surgeon about the risks associated with the Brazilian butt lift surgery. At DaVinci Surgical, we believe that honesty is one of the most important elements of a successful consultation and we believe that well-informed patients are able to make the right decisions for themselves.

Question #3: Will there be much scarring after the surgery?

The short answer is yes, A “scarless” Brazilian Butt Augmentation does not exist, Brazilian Butt Augmentation uses liposuction to transfer fat to the buttocks. At our surgery center in Orange County California, our lead surgeon Dr. Hajarian uses a very thin cannula to transfer the fat to the buttocks, and incisions are still required, and some degree of scarring is unavoidable.

At DaVinci Surgical, we believe that an honest surgeon should tell his patients about exactly where their incisions will be made and how they are likely to look once fully healed.

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